Sugarpine's First Litter Page

Last Updated 27 March 2000

This web page is dedicated to Pat and Fred Helmbold. If not for the love and care that was given to our pups while in their care, we would not be so lucky today. The intent of this web page is to let us all see how our wonderful berners are doing as they grow. It is up to us all to keep this information current. Please send pictures and descriptions as ofter as you wish. Check back often to see how eveyone else is doing.

The Pup's first birthday party was held on Saturday, March 25, 2000 at the Helmbold's house. You can see some pictures here but I have not yet edited any of the text. I was very happy to finally meet everyone in person. My heart goes out the Dharma's family who only able to be there in spirit.

The pup's names are below, click on the name to see more:

Abbey (White Girl)
Baden (Yellow Boy)
Bardot (Light Green Girl)
Benny (Blue Boy)
Bruno (Olive Boy)
Bodie (Red Girl)
Dharma (Orange Girl)
Kayla (Aqua Girl)
Missy (Pink Girl)
Mocha (Lavender Girl)
Nesse (Purple Girl)
Wimbledon (Brown Boy)

Here is our Sasha playing with "the Helmbold pack"and Bruno (We Think). That would be Sugar, Sasha, Nancy, and Baron (from right the left). They all had a great time playing together.

Here are Baron and Nancy taking it easy

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