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Last Updated 29 Dec 1999

Tis the season. Hey Mom, what is this tree doing in the house?

Here are some recent pictures:

Hi! I'm Baden. OK, first, everyone always asks about the name. It's pronounced with a long 'a' and mom got it from a spa town near Bern, Switzerland. No, they don't pronounce it that way there but, we don't care! Sugar Pine Baden, to be exact.

Mom & I live in Portland, Oregon. She came down South to get me 'cause she had met my sister Dharma's mom - Auntie Dawn - on the Berner-L and they really hit it off. I rode on the plane to get home - yawn - no biggie.

I don't have any brothers or sisters at our house but I've got lots & lots & lots of friends & cousins and aunts and uncles. My favorite thing to do in the whooooooole world is play with my friends.

I've already gotten to know the nice people at my vet's office really well. Besides shots, I scatched my eye lid and sprained a toe playing with friends. Oh, and I guess swallowing that cooked bone I found upset mom. I humor her.

My very favorite thing to do is play with my doggie friends. We went to a Berner draft test in Washington and it looked soooo fun! I got to see dogs like me for the first time since I came to live with mom & played & played with the other puppies there.

I also enjoy eating my bones (a hint - raw soup bones taste best on mom's pillow, well, until you get caught), eating paper, eating peanut butter, sucking on my teddy bear, sleeping, walks, and car rides. Sometimes I get to go for a day care for dogs. Lots of new friends!! There's other dogs that look like me there, too. Mom says I can go once a week or so. (I'm pretty sure that's what she said. She was babbling something about bills and vets and food and money. Gibberish.)

Also, I start Basic Obedience in October - for some reason. I do a dynamite sit, down, wait and stay in the kitchen. Why mom thinks I should do it when there exciting people and dogs around is beyond me. Something about being a Canine Good Citizen.

Well, yawn, mom doesn't look like she's likely to feed me for awhile so I might as well take a nap. Later, Baden.

Here are a few old pictures from the page: In my crate , Big Baden , Shreading a paper bag.

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