Bruno (Olive Boy) the wonder pup's page
Last Updated 15 January 2006

Some new pictures have finally been added. When Bruno was 10 months old he was 97lbs and measured 27 inches at the hithers, he was one Big Dog. We never had the heart to tell him that he was not a lap dog. We had trouble getting out from under him in the morning when he would jump up on the bed to let us know he wants to go out. He was such a sweet natured creature so it was so funny to hear his thunderus bark. He wouldn't hurt a fly but he has scared a few people while out on walks. They didn't seem to believe me when I told them how friendly he is. I couldn't decide which pictures were best so here are all of them: (Click on the thumbnail image to see the full size one)

Here is a stately close up taken at 10 months
Here is another taken at the same time
Here he is surely thinking "OK, new carpet, great, did you consider the color at ALL???"
Here is Mom and Bruno out front
Here is another with Mom at 10 months
Bruno and Sasha in their favorite place... in the car going anywhere
And another of the same

We were so happy when Bruno finally arrived. This was taken the "day we brought bruno home".

Below are a few pictures from when we went to see the litter at 5 1/2 weeks. "Here is the whole litter" of 12 amazing berner pups. Here is our "(not so) little Bruno" melting Stacey with those incredible brown eyes. Here is "The whole crew", Bruno (We Think) with Sugar, Sasha, Nancy, and Baron (from right the left). Nancy is Bruno's mother and Baron is Bruno's father. They all had a great time playing together.

Here are several great shots around the house taken at 8 weeks:

Just taking a quick nap in a cool spot

Playing with my big sister Sasha
Sasha and Bruno have become the best of freinds. Sasha have now transformed into the largest berner pup of all. She runs, hops, rolls, and plays as much as Bruno. Bruno and Sasha playing with each other. Bruno at 9 weekslooking his usual adorable self. And here he is looking up as if to say "What puddle", wait, we have seen this one before. Bruno baby in a basket he didn't fit in there for long. Here we have Superdog. But then we have to get a bath.

Tragically, Bruno was diagnosed with sarcoma in January 2006. We put him through a coarse of chemotherapy but it was too advanced. By the end of February, we has to say our last goodbye to our best friend. He left this world the way he came into ours, in both of our arms with lots of kisses.

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