Happy First Birthday to the Sugar Pine Pups
Last Updated April Fools 2000

All our thanks to Pat and Fred for putting together such a wonderful day for all of us to enjoy. Although Dharma and family could not make it due to circumstances beyond control, she was definately there in spirit. I had to splice the picture above since the wide angle setting was not quite wide enough. The pups are listed from left to right below, can you name them without looking??? It will take me some time to sort through all 180 pictures I took on that wonderful day, here are a few I picked off the top. I am sure I made some mistakes with the descriptions, please help me with corrections.

"Pack of Berners, not quite sure who anyone is"

"Our Sasha and Bruno"

"6 Berners and a tail"

"Did someone say FOOD?"

"Abbey and a friend"

"One of my favorites, Mocha & Missy, with Nesse"

"Bodie and Mom"

"Bodie looking up to Dad"

"I think its Cooper, Kayla's brother"

"Missy taking a rest"

"Upside down, Who is this? Tracy thinks it's Baden"

"Benny from the side, love the tongue"

"Kayla getting the hot dog the smart way"

"Close up of Abbey"


"Bruno and Benny playing with Benny's toy"


"On the Ramp, Anyone claim this one?"

"Un-devided Attention"

"Bruno playing with Mocha, I think"

"Bodie with Mocha's Human Brother"

"Kayla and Mom"

"This guy aint so big, Bruno, you knock him down and I'll get the food"

"Down the ramp and more Berners"

"Benny taking a breather"

"We'll do whatever you say, just give us the treat"

"Baden sitting perfectly"

"Baden and Nesse"

You can now see ALL the pictures I took HERE. Be aware that they are not sorted and they do not have descriptions.

Benny, Nesse, Wimbledon, Bodie, Missy, Abbey, Mocha, Bardot, Kayla, Bruno, & Baden. Dharma is just out of view.

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