Wimbledon's (Brown Boy) Page
Last Updated 12 February 1999

Wimbledon and the kids

Mel and Wimbledon

Wimbledon is chewing everything in sight, which may not be unusual. The rub is, a couple of years ago I installed new landscape lighting - high quality, metal lights, not the plastic type. Even so, he has taken to pulling them right out of the ground and chewing them back into their component parts! Good thing they're low voltage.

He is a much loved pet who plays often with the girls and with the border collie next door (Rex). The collie herds him of course, and makes him look clumsy. But Wimbledon gets the best of their wrestling matches.

He walks the girls to school every day, so he's very good on a leash. In fact his obedience is very good in general as he has been in puppy school since the day he got here.

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