Bodie's (Red Girl) Page
Last Updated 17 Dec 1999

Here is a picture of Bodie at eight months. We are really enjoying her, she keeps us on our toes. She weighs 70 pounds and is 25 inches at the shoulder. She finished up two basic obedience classes (overlapping), she is doing very well, but still needs a lot of work (read stubborn). Right now we are working hard on indoor manners so that she will be able to enjoy all the company and activity during the holidays.

These two pics are at 14 weeks, a close-up with a sweet look and doing the "n'nite" trick.

The following pic is about a week after we brought Bodie home, she is checking out the plants by the pond, such a sweet baby.

Bodie is Sugar Pine Yo-na Gi-hli, she was the red pup. At 17 weeks Bodie weighed 40 pounds, she is clicker training and can : Sit, Down, N'nite, Heel (sometimes), Leave-It, and Come. Bodie has 5 unwilling playmates (cats, most of them old) and a neice (our 21 month old granddaughter) who visits her often. Bodie has her own room, her own swamp cooler since it is hot here, and a nice yard which she has not yet defoliated. Her dream in life is to pull a cart like her dad, Baron. Someday she wants to pull with him, and then someday to compete against him (and win).

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