Luce Crusin’ in the Napa Valley

December 6th, 2018

Here is Luce in the back seat lookin’ cool while cruzin’ up highway 29 in the Napa Valley.


Happy Birthday to Me!

December 6th, 2018

Well, today I turned the big Five-O. What better way to celebrate than a nice 1.5 mile walk with our Big Lou. The sun even came out and all the clouds cleared for the first time since we got here. That caused it to warm up quite nicely which was great for us but not so much for Luce.

Toward the end, he was eye-balling every puddle to maybe take a drink. Even Stacey, who is usually freezing, had to peel off a few layers to stay cool.

Once back at the car, Luce got a nice big bowl of cool water.

Luce and the Doodle

December 6th, 2018

Luce found a friendly Doodle that did not appear to be “pazzo nella sua testa”, go figure.

Luce and the Labs

December 5th, 2018

Luce met up with a pair of Labrador Retrievers (yellow and black) and did his best to keep up but they pretty much ran circles around him. Eventually, he caught up with them when they discovered a big puddle in the vineyard. The black lab kept on running back and forth as you can sort of see here:

Then I think they got bored with it since it was’t deep enough to swim in:

Then Luce was like “Hey, where did everybody go???”

Then, as you probably could guess, it was back the to room for some rest:

Rain or Shine, Luce is Ready to Go

December 5th, 2018

It has been a little rainy here in Napa but that will not stop our Luce. He offered to carry the umbrella which fortunately we did not end up needing.

Luce at Cosentino

December 4th, 2018

We brought Luce into Cosentino Winery at the request of a worker who saw him in the car and asked to meet him. That was a bit of a mistake due to the fact that she would not leave him alone when I brought him in. She got him way over excited and it took a while to get him calmed down. Here he is when we were leaving which he was probably glad to get out of there.

Luce Running Across the Grass Field

December 4th, 2018

Luce must have seen something and took off across the field while we were on a walk.

Luce Visits Bouchaine Winery

December 3rd, 2018

Bouchaine Winery is way, way, way, off the beaten path in the southern part of the Carneros region of the Napa Valley. If you know this area, it is as far south as you can get without going into the marshes of the San Pablo Bay, which is the northern most part of the San Francisco Bay. We have brought our last 2 Berners, Coco and Ruby here several times. The Winery is extremely dog friendly but before we did some tasting, we took Luce for a little walk in the vineyards:

Here he is like, OK, are you guys comming?

This was as far as we went, so we started back from here.

At last, when the walk was done, we tried some very good wine and since we were pretty much the only people there, got some extra special care, and tastes.

Later, back and the hotel, Luce needed some rest and relaxation from his very busy day:

Luce’s Trip to the Napa Valley, CA

December 2nd, 2018

This week is our 24 wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday so we decided to take a little trip to the Napa Valley. Of course our “orso piccolo” had to share in the festivities. At first he was not quite sure what to make of the vineyards but he got into the swing of things pretty quickly. Here he is exploring the vineyard next to the hotel where we are staying:

Even though it is December, here in the upper valley, there are still leaves on the vines. Once we got him corralled on the patio outside our room, he stood still long enough to start thinking about dinner.

Like us, he is more into the food scene than the wine scene.



Happy Thanksgiving 2018

November 22nd, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Luce is especially thankful for his human mom and we are thankful for him:

Luce’s brother Max and his brother (from-another-mother) Baron spent the afternoon guardingĀ the bird:

I’m not sure Luce would have stood watch like this or helped himself to a drumstick.