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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Luce is especially thankful for his human mom and we are thankful for him:

Luce’s brother Max and his brother (from-another-mother) Baron spent the afternoon guarding the bird:

I’m not sure Luce would have stood watch like this or helped himself to a drumstick.

Luce’s Walk, Before and After

Monday, November 5th, 2018

On days in which we cannot go to the Gym and do the usual routine which is to play chase the stick / keep away, he gets to go on a mile or so walk/run in the neighborhood. Sometimes its more of a walk and other times more of a run. Luce knows what is coming once I start putting on running shoes, and of course, ask if he wants to go for a run-run. Here he is waiting somewhat patiently in the morning sun, close to the front door.

Once we get home, we need to give his feet a little rinse off. I know, he is a dog, but maybe you have seen all the white carpet around here. After getting his feet washed this time, he decided to stretch out on the driveway for a few minutes.