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Last updated: 17 July 2002

This page is dedicated to my beautiful wife who is the very best! I love her dearly. You can see how Patrick (Click here to go to his page) is doing right here . Here is what we looked like before we were married, and at the reception. Here is a shot of us before a halloween party. We spent much of the summer at the pool since Paddy and I love the water and Stacey loves the sun.

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I graduated from Penn State Harrisburg with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1991. I enjoy skiing, scuba diving, target shooting, and web authoring.

You are invited to check out the Bay Area Berner Page which features Bruno (Shown Above), Sasha, and Sophie .

We have been in our house for a while now, and it is definately a work in progress. You can see how it was and is Here.

HEY, Check out a picture of Network the Dog and me which was taken at SUN's Ultra Computing introduction held on November 7, 1995. Notice that he actually has a SUN ID badge.

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