The House Page

This page shows the building and re-building of our house from start the almost finish.

The house was build in 1997 and we have been updating it ever since. Click Here to see it as it went up. Fortunately I was able to get access to the house before the insulation and drywall were installed so I was able to add some wiring for a surround sound system and some computer network cables.

Since then we have done a few things such as:

Other than the siding, most of the work we did ourselves which seriously reduced the cost.

The Network

Prior to moving in Catagory 5 network wiring was installed in multiple locations. The initial network was 10BaseT using a Cisco 1900 switch When I finally got around to installing a pair of ReplayTV DVRs, The 10BaseT network was not fast enough so I had to upgrade the network to 100BaseT. After reviewing my options I went with a Cisco 2900 switch. This worked for many years but eventually got flakey so that was recently upgraded to a Cisco (Linksys) Gigbit switch.