Luce Takes a Hike (with his new boots)

We took a little hike in the mountains above Squaw Valley. We got Luce a set of Ruffwear Grip Trex boots this time after he got some sores on his paws the last time we were in Tahoe. It took a little getting used to back home but we think he noticed that he gripped the rocks better and could walk on anything.

Here is where we turned around, right before Luce decided to take a dirt bath:

Here, we met up with the only other Berner we saw on the trip which was a 7 year old female. Oddly enough, they are from the Santa Cruz area not far from where we live. Unfortunately, Luce got bored while we talked which is when he decided to take a dirt bath on the ground. The dirt was as fine as flour and evenly coated him so his black fur looked grayish all over:

Here is a panoramic picture looking toward Granite Chief:

When we got back from the hike, we met up with a woman who recognized Luce as a Berner but said that she never saw one that color. There was a pond nearby and when he went in up to his chest, I rinsed him off to get most of the dirt out. The woman then said, oh, now he looks right.


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