Welcome to Patrick's 3 Year Page

Paddy's new haircut.
Last updated: 7 Jan 2000

Patrick teaching the way of the force.

He likes to climb in things then get you attention which most times makes you laugh like here.

Patrick racing tricycles with a friend.

Patrick in his Peter Pan costume that his Nana made him taking a much needed rest.

Here he is ready for work.

Here is Patrick and Bubba down by the creek.

Here is Patrick at Goo-Goo's pool.

This is clasic Paddy. Of course he becomes a frog with this on.

Here is one of many costumes.

This was supposted to be his Halloween costume.

But this won won out. For those of you that just got back from another star system, this is Darth Maul. Who is basically Satan on a bad hair day.