This is the new home for, the SunFire V100. Thanks to my friend David who was nice enough to send it to me from the East Coast after it was decommissioned at his site. I made a small modification with the addition of a few blue LEDs behind the front panel. Maybe a little too Hollywood but I like it and lets not forget, this is California. I still have the old, my old and trusty SPARC Station 20. The V100 on top is a cold spare that is pretty much configured the same.

My next project will be to build a real 19" rack so the next quake does not send them to the floor which is 8 feet down onto concrete. Hopefully the V100 will provide as many years of service that the SS20 provided. Also shown is the heart of the network, a Cisco Catalyst 2952 10/100 switch.

Have a great Day!